One of NYC’s strongest and most versatile vocalists, Miz Stefani, speaks to your soul with her raw emotion and powerful, soulful voice. Her commanding presence on stage embodies her undying passion; and the way her smooth, seductive nature captivates an audience is pure magic. Her energy is authentic and unique, her performances are consistent and flawless, and she has complete control over her voice.

Miz Stefani is an accomplished; vocalist, musician, actor/comedian, producer and activist. She spent over 10+ years as a featured vocalist & performer in Reverend Billy’s Stop Shopping Gospel Choir, (US tours, Joe’s Pub, documentary “What Would Jesus Buy?”) a singer & songwriter for the NYC based indie rock band, Dear Comrade, originated the role of ‘Nurse Nadine’ in Jason Trachtenburg’s musical, Dr. Glassheart (The Tank, The Brick Theater) as well as originated the role of, Dr. Mary Sherman in Jason Trachtenburg’s (second) musical, Me and Lee, that opened in NYC in January 2019. She has been the national voice for USA Vein Clinics and KY Jelly and is a quarterly annual guest comedian on the Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton’s “War of the Roses” radio show. She was the curator, creator, and co-producer for the critically acclaimed underground sensation MizStefani’s House LIVE and the all-girl comedy troupe, Big Girl Pants. Her first short film, Peep, was released in March 2018. Her debut album, STARFIRE, is set for global release in 2021